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Save Kayayei From Poverty

We train pupils and students in ICT to ensure quality learning and teaching,

​We support mandatory links between education and industry as well as the the teaching of entrepreneurship, CV writing, application and proposal writing, to all students, regardless of which course they are pursuing. .
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Reducing Youth Poverty through Capacity Building and Support

The youth are the Third Pillar for Job Creation after government and the private sector. If they are supported into business, they will employ other unemployed youth and reduce the annual rate of 250,000 unemployed youth.

​​YOU can make a difference by supporting us to build the capacity of at 5,000 unemployed youth into jobs or businesses. Youth unemployment creates poverty and depression, which lead to, homelessness, single parenthood,
drug and alcohol abuse, fraud, violence, riots and their implications. 

At Totally Youth, we give needy unemployed youth access to:
  1. ICT, Catering, Fashion and Beauty Centres
  2. Practical hands-on work and business experience
  3. Transitional Incubation and Internship
  4. Laptops, Internet, tools and supplies
  5. Office and Knowledge Spaces
  6. Business Facilitation
  7. Carrer Facilitation​


Totally Youth provides various types of management support to companies and groups. We believe that if we support companies to grow there will be more employment for the youth who are not entrepreneurs. We therefore deliver our "Why Are You Here" series of seminars and workshops to companies to support them at all stages of:

Team Building
Pension Planning
Change Management

We are convinced that the employer needs the employee as much as the employee needs the employer. Consequently we support both sides to ensure harmony and mutual growth. Today's employee can be tomorrow's employer. By using our services, you will be supporting unemployed, brilliant but needy youth, into jobs or business.                           
                                                                                        ...Eva Lokko, CEO
What's New?
..............Under Totally Youth's "Gender Agenda​"

Please join our RECURRENT DONOR group from as little as GHc20 a month. Help us save KAYAYEI from abject POVERTY 

We have identified an Association of Kayayei in Agbogbloshie, Accra. We are partnering with them for our Save the Kayayei From Poverty project. We have interviewed four of them to pilot the project starting this year - June 2015. We are also trying to contact Sekina - the pregnant Kayayo who appeared on GTV - (national TV) to bring her on board the project.​​

We will interview, screen and register them under the Health Insurance Scheme, train and place them as Domestic Assistants under renewable service contracts, in the hospitality industry and safe households. They will fed and given clothing, during the training.

Kayayei are girls and young women​ forced to migrate to Accra and other big cities due to poverty. They come mostly from under-served, low-income, poor communities in the north of Ghana. They live in abject poverty mainly because they have no employable skills and there are no casual jobs in the communities where they live. Just like everybody else, they come to greener pastures to earn money and send remittances to family. Unfortunately, they end up as vulnerable head porters in markets and live from hand to mouth. They are beaten, robbed and raped. Some of them end up as prostitutes, single parents or go through unsafe abortions. Poor health, unwanted pregnancies and child mortality are high among the Kayayei

​​They need our help to become productive and responsible 
citizens. Save one Kayayo today. Donate as little as GHc20 today. Thank You.

PS: Call us on 0244-322-416 for a professional Domestic Assistant​​

Reducing Youth Depression and Poverty through Capacity Building, Career and Business Development
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