A young man named Gyan Mark saw the difficulties facing many families in the villages in Asamankese, when it came to educating their children and wards. They are unable to pay the going school fees even at public schools. Their children seem doomed to illiteracy and a very bleak future. With permission from the Chief of Owuram, Mark started the ELI School from Kindergarten. Within one and a half years, he has over 500 pupils, comprising a kindergarten class and classes for primary 1 to 3. Mark doubles as founder, financier and headmaster for the school and his wife helps with the catering. The school has three dedicated teachers - two of whom are trained teachers and two are young pupil teachers. All four have made huge scarifies to ensure that the school stays afloat. The discipline of the school children attests to the dedication of all concerned. Mark saw that the school fees problem extended to other villages, so he acquired an old bus to go to the other villages to bring the children who can otherwise not attend the school. This is how the numbers rose to 500. Unfortunately, this bus has broken down beyond repairs. Consequently, about 200 of the children can no longer come to school. Due to the state of the school, it is likely that very soon the school will have to close down. HELP IS NEEDED URGENTLY. The school needs a grant of GHc120,000 equivalent to US$30,000 to rebuild the school block, provide electricity and running water and build three toilets and one kitchen. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

The parents of ELI School pupils, cannot afford the school fees charged in both the public and private schools. ELI School is therefore a God-send for parents and pupils. Parents only pay feeding fees of about GHc1.50 (about US$0.50) per child daily. Unfortunately even this amount is too expensive for some parents, who sometimes therefore give the school some farm produce to help with the meals.  

​The school building is an old temporary construction site shack which has seen better days. It is guttered in so many parts inside and outside (see pictures). The single partition in this shack, has a large hole in it, it does not serve its purpose - this serves as the primary 3 classroom. The next room which is bigger, serves as an open-plan classroom for - primary 1 and 2. Teaching is a big challenge

The pupils of ELI School cannot attend classes when it is raining. They have to go home whenever they are in school and the rains come down. This means that they miss a lot of classes and will therefore find it difficult to pass their final exams.

The school has no running water. This makes hygiene cumbersome and cooking and cleaning unnecessarily long and tedious. There is also no electricity, which means that any tool or equipment needing electricity cannot be used there even if it is donated. The school has only one toilet for teachers, pupils and visitors which is so way up in the bushes.​​ This means a number of "accidents" by the younger ones in the kindergarten. It is also very awkward for the adults. Of course it is not a modern toilet facility since there is no water.

The teachers and headmaster who saw the need for the school can no longer afford the investments needed to keep it going. The school is therefore on a downward roll and trying desperately to survive. The teachers do not get paid often and when they do it is mostly with produce or gifts. If nothing is done, the building can 
collapse due to continuous erosion caused by heavy rains.

The school urgently needs patrons, donors and sponsors and the buildings, toilet and kitchen needs replacing. The school needs all sorts of teaching and learning items. It needs electricity and running water. They need support in kind and cash to achieve all this. The school is in crisis and needs immediately attention otherwise within a few months the school will have to be closed down. We need your support to raise the total amour of GHc120,000 in order to save the school for these needy children.

ELI School needs GHc120,000 which is equivalent to US$30,000. This can be given in cash or kind from the list below. All donations - cash or kind should be handled as follows: 

PICK UP: +233-244-322-416 or

Totally Youth,
​                        Save 500 Needy Pupils project,
​                        63 Third Link, North Ridge,
​                        Accra Ghana

CHEQUE: Totally Youth, Barclays Bank Account # 1087995


         ​ITEM                                            ESTIMATE GH¢        COMMENT

  1. ELECTRICAL WIRING                      6,000.00               Materials/Installations/Fees
  2. WATER SUPPLY                             14,500.00               Materials/Installations/Fees
  3. FIXTURES                                         8,300.00               Lights/Sockets/Shelves/etc, Labour
  4. TRAINING CONSUMABLES             4,800.00               Chalk/Pens/Pencils/Note books, etc
  5. TEACHERS' ALLOWANCES           18,000.00               For 3 months = 4 x 150 x 3
  6. ​HEADMASTER'S ALLOWANCE       1,500.00                For 3 months = 1 x 500 x 3 
  7. EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS              18,000.00               PCs/printers/photocopier/etc
  8. SITE REHABILITATION                   55,000.00               Building Materials/labour
                                ​TOTAL = GHc120,000              or US$30,000
(This is a project under our "Catching Them Young" concept)